Strength Within Reach


Wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever your fitness level, you've found the perfect spot to start building your home gym.

A home gym eliminates everyday obstacles from your workout routine so you can quickly dive into a workout. Strength isn't a goal or a destination; strength is a practice. Build a home gym with Nike and make strength part of your daily life.

Here are the home gym essentials:

  1. Free Weights
  2. Racks & Cages
  3. Barbells
  4. Plates
  5. Benches

Racks & Cages

The Rack is the centerpiece of your home gym. It allows you to safely execute some of the fundamental compound movements for building strength such as squating, benching, rowing, and pull-ups.

While our racks and cages both feature pull-up bars, cages offer a fixed solution you can bolt to the ground, and racks offer a more mobile solution with rear plate storage. Where clearance is an issue, such as under low garage door tracks, the squat stand gives you a shorter alternative without a pull-up bar.


The barbell is your all-in-one solution for HIIT, Olympic lifts, and functional training. It is easy to take for granted but it is an extremely adaptive piece of equipment that can be loaded to a variety of precise weights to fit a myriad of movements and strength levels.

Our coated barbells offer an extra layer of protection, while our chrome barbells offer a slightly deeper knurl and understated style.

Both coated and chrome barbells come in 20 KG and 15 KG sizes. This dramatically changes the feel of the grip that varies from 28 mm for the 20 KG bar to 25mm for the 15 KG bar. While 20 KG and 15 KG bars are typically segmented for Men's and Women's competition respectively, the true suitability of each comes down to the grip feel and weight distribution that maximize the safety, stability, and comfort of your lift.


A weight bench is a versatile and valuable asset in home fitness, enabling a wide range of strength training exercises for various muscle groups. Its adaptability, stability, and versatility make it an essential component of a well-rounded home gym setup.

The flat weight bench is lightweight and the two 15.4" wide feet add extra stability making this bench ideal for movements such as split squats or step ups.

The rolling weight bench is sturdy and mobile thanks to the two rear wheels designed to easily move across a variety of surfaces including low pile carpet. The bench can easily be stored in an upright position, and adds an element of style to your home gym with black and white color options.

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