Our innovative high-performance bumper plates bring responsible practices to the fitness space like never before by utilizing recycled Nike Grind rubber.

What Is Nike Grind?

Nike Grind consists of manufacturing scrap, unused manufacturing materials, and end-of-life footwear. This footwear repurposing includes rubber, foam, fiber, leather, and textiles that are collected, separated, and reused or processed into new Nike Grind Products. Our bumper plates utilize pre-consumer footwear rubber that is transformed into Nike Grind rubber particles. Measured by total product volume, each plate is made with at least 30% Nike Grind rubber.

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A Visual and Tactile Delight

Look and feel incredible. Love the texture of the grind plates. Great quality and look amazing especially up close.

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Grind plates are a game changer

Awesome addition to my home gym. These Grind Plates are a huge upgrade to what I had previously. Durable, functional and definitely an eye catcher show piece. Earned the trophy for best gym in the neighborhood - hands down!

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The Coolest Plates Ever!

These are the coolest plates ever! Love the material. Surprisingly durable. Everyone compliments them.

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Love these plates!

Excellent from order to delivery. Absolutely love the look and feel of the weights. No smell, and so far with heavy use, no issues. Love these plates!

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A Y.


Our Nike Grind Bumper Plates are designed to go the distance with you. The 25, 35, and 45 LB plates have been drop tested over 10,000 times to meet strict durability standards. So when your legs are crumbling after a long workout, these plates won't be.


Since Nike releases new shoe designs and colors each season, Nike Grind material comes in a variety of colors too. As a result, each batch of plates is unique and reflects the colors and styles of Nike footwear made around the same time. In a way, it's like owning a piece of Nike's history.