Don't let snow or chilly temperatures stop you from trekking. Winter hikes can be peaceful — and you’re likely to find the trails less crowded than they are in the peak summer months.

If you have the proper winter hiking gear to stay warm, you can enjoy a hike almost any time of year. As with any hiking adventure, be sure to make a plan in advance and take safety precautions before heading out into the wilderness: Check the forecast to prepare for the weather conditions, plan to be back before dark, hike with a friend or, if hiking alone, let a friend know where you’re hiking.

Read on for the top winter hiking gear essentials by Nike.

8 Winter Hiking Gear Essentials From Nike

1. Waterproof Trail Shoes

Proper footwear is essential for any hike, especially in inclement conditions. Invest in a waterproof pair of kicks that will keep your feet dry, comfortable and protected from the elements. By keeping out moisture, you’ll avoid cold, soggy feet that can lead to blisters and ruin an otherwise beautiful hike.

Nike trail shoes made with a GORE-TEX outer layer that will keep out water — and some feature an additional gaiter at the collar to keep extra debris from getting inside the shoe. And in any shoe in the Nike trail running collection, you’ll find supportive midsole cushioning and durable traction on the sole to help grip onto slick surfaces.

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